SAP and Adobe partnership – Apollo/Muse

SAP has augmented SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer’s capabilities with the ability to render the resulting models into Flex. Now Adobe has come out with its next-generation client Apollo that will extend the reach and capabilities of today’s Rich Internet Applications, freeing them to run outside the browser, on desktops. Project Muse is the result – has robust “thick client” capabilities that seamlessly consume and interact with web-based “thin client” capabilities. That is, it basically replaces a browser to see web content in, and that with a very rich client interface (read Flash like).
With Muse, SAP users will still get all the functionality they have today in SAP GUI and all SAP GUI screens will work perfectly inside Muse. End users will see their ESS/MSS and other SAP Portal content being exposed through Muse. So would an Adobe document or an Excel sheet, or Webdynpro app, Visual Composer screen, or even a plain html page. Muse is really the shell around the actual application or content. But its not a dumb shell. It will keep the context of the screen being shown within its framework so that, for example, a guided procedure can be shown.
Adobe’s Apollo has gone into the Alpha release on March 19, 2007. And Muse is build on that framework. At Apollo matures, expect Muse to grow as well.икони

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One Response to “SAP and Adobe partnership – Apollo/Muse”

  1. Matthias Zeller Says:

    Hello SAP Frontend Choices Blog Writer, while Shai Agassi announced last year at SAP Sapphire that Project Muse would be build on Apollo, that decision has changed later that year. Project Muse is now based on the NetWeaver Business Client, which is an SAP C++ client implementation. I think the NetWeaver Business Client and Apollo address very different needs. The NetWeaver Business Client runs model driven SAP UI’s (Web Dynpro), web UIs as well as old Dynpro UI’s in an SAP look-and-feel client frame. The communication between the client and the server is optimized with a specific SAP Business Client protocol. Apollo allows web developers to take Rich Internet Applications (Flex, AJAX, HTML) and install and run them outside the constraints of the web browser (see for example eBay client). It can be used to develop client applications which are optimized for very specific tasks or user needs (e.g. Expense Report app, Sales app or Field Technician app). There are already developers today (mainly SAP SI’s) who use Adobe Flex to create rich and engaging web applications on top of the SAP back-end and run those applications inside the browser as well as on Apollo. I think this development model will significantly increase over the coming 24 months. We continue to be in discussion with SAP application development teams who are interested in using Flex and Apollo to address very specific user needs.

    Matthias Zeller
    Group Product Manager
    SAP Alliance Management Adobe Systems
    PS: More information on the Muse and the NWBC:
    More information on Apollo: